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Seiwa Bio

Team Member:  Seiwa


Seiwa has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from a prestigious Canadian university and he has an extensive experience working for hundreds of international students in ESL summer camp and university settings. He is passionate about assisting new international students and providing the best possible student services as a part of his ultimate career.

1. Where have you travelled?

Aside from my home country Japan, I traveled to China, Australia, New Zealand, Cuba, Hong Kong, Taiwan, U.S, India, Korea, Mexico, Macau and I am planning to visit more countries!

2. What do you like the most about about Canada?

Nature, people, and cultural diversity. There is no shortage of beautiful parks and greenery here. The people are always kind, polite and willing to lend a hand when I need help. Since Canada has such a diverse environment, I never feel isolated. There are always opportunities to learn about different cultures and share my own.

3. Why do you like working at Admission Hub?

I enjoy working in a multicultural and multinational environment. Admission Hub is where I encounter amazing co-workers and students from all over the world and make all my desires come true. It is also located in a convenient location in Koreatown, Downtown Toronto where our office is surrounded by a lot of delicious food.

4. Why should students choose us?

All of our staff have many years of experience providing professional services to international students and helped many new comers to settle in Canada. Our professionalism and passion for our work is exceptional and unrivaled.

5. What do you want to accomplish in the next 2 years?

Help as many international students as possible. I hope to be able to assist new comers not only in Toronto but all over Canada within next 2 years.