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 # 200, 1992 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 1Z7
Davisville walk 3 minutes
 416-222-5328Http: // Www. rciis.ca
Establishment 1999 The number of students 90 in summer 80 in winter Number of instructors 15 people
Number of classrooms 15 classes 1 class number of people Average 8 people maximum 12 people
Nationality ratio
Japan Korea Asia Arab Latin America Europe Canada Other
summer 35% 35% Five% 0% twenty five% 0% 0% 0%
winter 35% 35% Five% 0% twenty five% 0% 0% 0%
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Royal Canadian Institute of International Studies (RCIIS) 
, a popular school for specialized courses, is a practical and business and speaking specialty school that is acclaimed in the quality of lecturers in Uptown Toronto.

The motto of RCIIS is “Learning by Doing – Practice is All”. Through role play, discussion, presentation and extracurricular lesson in class, what you learned is sure to be output and practiced in style.

The popularity point of RCIIS is the high quality of the lecturers. ISP (International Student Program), Languages ​​Canada approved, has the best quality instructors in Toronto. Especially business lecturers have experience in teaching business to senior manager class in North America, and from experience and knowledge, we can learn in real time what is happening in North American business society. In addition to having more than 10 years of experience as a business trainer, they are experts in teaching, having TESL certification and abundant experiences as English lecturers. We are grasping the strengths and weaknesses of the Japanese, and since we are developing classes in small classes, we will guide each and every one enthusiastically. As a course to train conversation skills necessary for everyday life and knowledge necessary for conversation, it is a course to train not only deepen knowledge but also steadily cultivate conversation skills, and this course is also popular The degree is high.

RCIIS offers a wide range of course settings including general English courses for beginners in English, Power Speaking courses specialized in speaking, pronunciation correction courses, practical cafe English and cafe knowledge of Cafe English course, business English course, It is a program that can be handled from beginners to advanced users of English.Recommended cafe English course for working holidays is a full-scale lesson with built-in varistor training.

In the morning classes of RCIIS are studied firmly in business English and speaking in the morning, and in the afternoon, in the afternoon, special conversation courses and pronunciation correction courses for improving the speaking skills necessary for business communication, business writing and business phone We offer classes according to each course such as specialized course to learn response skills. There are many intensive courses that can be completed in a short period of time, and it is also attractive for international students who have limited time to attend.

Teachers and staff also participate in activities at RCIIS at home. I am focusing on emphasizing learning English “enjoying” with fun. Every Thursday is “Glee Club”, teachers who love music tell me the meaning of lyrics. If you understand the meaning of songs, we will do singing time according to instructor’s guitar and piano. Also I go to the pub night once every month. In addition, there are many fun events such as amusement park, aquarium, museum, BBQ party etc. Since Toronto is also a sports-prosperous land, we also have activities such as watching Canadian national sports ice hockey and NBA.

The school building of RCIIS is located 3 minutes’ walk north from Yonge street from Davisville station. Close to the station, around the school there are plenty of parks, restaurants and nice cafes. Since it is a very convenient place with a shopping mall and a movie theater nearby, after school there are many facilities where you can enjoy shopping and conversation with students, enjoying their study abroad life.

The campus is ringing with a very cozy and open space that imagined a stylish cafe in Canada, and in the real cafeteria space which reproduced the Canadian cafe, we also have RCIIS cafe English lessons.

RCIIS is a school recommended for those thinking about specialized courses such as business in Toronto, those who wish to acquire higher English skills.

Class Time

Month fire water wood Money
09: 00-13: 00 ESL Foundation / Business Comminication / Advanced Discussion / Power Speaking / IELTS
13: 00-14: 00 Lunch break / Cafe English (RCIIS Cafe practical training)
14: 00-16: 00 Grammar / Writing / Cafe English / Vocabulary / Speaking
14: 00-17: 00 STAR



Featured Courses

Power Speaking


Practical Conversation If you want to improve your speaking and communication skills with intensive programs, use frequently used English expressions It is a program recommended for people who want to learn, like natural Canadians, learn natural conversation expressions, slang and idioms, and want to improve their speaking skills in a short period of time.

Learning in the program is a living English conversation skill, with the theme of familiar topics in real life. Learning topics are decided every day by curriculum, mastering pronunciation to speak smoothly, practical colloquial expression and slang with everyday conversation training, from the ability to create sentences in conversation, explanatory power, and one topic We will learn not only to learn about but also to learn the contents learned during that day. In order to perform role play of conversation repeatedly in various situations repeatedly, we learn natural intonation and talking and training practical communication skills that are useful immediately.

Every Friday, a mini presentation is set up, and we prepare a script and learn correct English and expression power by having lecturer correct it.

In the lesson, we will focus on topics that change everyday, focusing on small group conversation training such as group conversation, presentation, role playing and so on. In addition, you can take a one – to – one daily with a lecturer for 1 minute every day and receive correcting pronunciation and correcting.

Level 1 and 2 will focus on everyday English conversation, Level 3 and later will learn more advanced communication skills such as business scene. Furthermore, Advanced Discussion Contemporary Issues

It is a course that is perfect for those who want to speak English anyway, who wish to improve their speaking ability.

One minute
1 minute Power Speaking is a one-on-one conversation practice between a lecturer and a student. In this lesson, which is done almost every day, I practice speaking clearly about my intention. The students are in front of the instructor for one minute and will continue to talk about the topics of the day. In the meantime, the instructor keeps writing feedback, grasps each person’s strengths and weaknesses, and gives polite and accurate advice. As well as grammar, I firmly support native speakers for natural conversation.

· Attendance: TOEIC 300 or above / Elementary level or more
· Participation period: 4 weeks ~ 24 weeks


ESL Speaking – Power Speaking + Grammar


ESL Speaking Course is Power Speaking in the morning and grammar in the afternoon It is a course to learn. The big difference with other schools is “time of speaking”. While improving communication and speaking skills that can be used immediately outside the school, you will realize “correct speaking” by learning grammar well. 4 hours of speaking + 2 hours of grammar, a total of 6 hours a day.Recommended for those who want to improve English skills in a short time aiming at English pickles every day.

Even in grammar classes, not only listen to the lecturer’s story but also a lot of opportunities for students to say, “participate” and learn. Sometimes it jumps out of the classroom and presents the appearance and situations that appear in the eyes using the grammar learned the day, and not only the questions from the lecturer but also the students find the questions and all the students “participate” in the lesson. Not only textbooks are teaching materials that will come out in classes such as finding grammar learned from news papers and finding out from movies.

In grammar classes mini-tests are frequent. This test does not decide pass / fail, but the instructor grasps which grammar the student understands to what extent the instructor understands, finds individual weaknesses, and instructs each person carefully in order to strengthen it. Homework is also firmly imposed, and for everyone to surely improve grammar skills, I will review thoroughly after school and answer the next day.

Since the instructor is very kind and kind, I will tell you many times carefully until I understand the problems and grammar I do not understand.

· Course guide: Elementary to intermediate
· Course length: Minimum 4 weeks ~ Talk to native speakers closely! STAR – Stage Technique Accent Reduction – Program This is an 8 – week program that enables you to dramatically increase your conversation skills. It is a program to use a teaching material created by linguists for actors and announcers to hone up advanced speaking techniques by lecturers who are rich in pronunciation career. A STAR program that gives surprisingly detailed guidance to those who are engaged in English education for many years. Its characteristic is the incorporation of performance method. Instead of using ESL teaching materials, we use teaching materials for pronunciation correction developed by Australian and British actors to be active in Hollywood. Since the native speaker is a teaching material to further reduce the accent, ESL teaching materials allow detailed guidance that does not exist. Also, in the last week, acting practice is added, learning expressive English with mastering proper intonation and rhythm while conscious of pronunciation learned. First of all, in order to master how to use the muscles of the mouth corner, start with muscle training and learn the necessary knowledge necessary to give correct pronunciation to not only the position of the tongue but also how to move the lips and how to lower the chin. After learning, repeat exercises thoroughly until you get used to how to move the correct mouth using a mirror.
While studying in the program, we record each individual pronunciation in several times, so we can see how much the students themselves have grown. Also, the final day when you practice your skills has a recital, and at the end you can appreciate everyone and check with each other while enjoying your progress.

· School entrance day: Once in 4 weeks (according to the school entrance day)
· Course indication: TOEIC 300 or above / Elementary level
· Course length: 8 weeks (minimum 4 weeks)

Cafe English – Power Speaking Tasu Cafe English


In the morning in the curriculum of Power Speaking, and strengthen thorough speaking. Practice speaking with the instructor on a one-on-one basis according to the topic of the day. The point is that each person can receive detailed corrections and feedback. In order to get used to the conversation in a short period of time, it will be a class that keeps talking.

In the afternoon in the Café English curriculum, you will learn coffee making seriously, such as coffee latte, cappuccino, cafe mocha and hot chocolate, using espresso machine. In addition, we will learn the vocabulary and expression required at the cafe everyday. Also practice practice in role play during class.

Each student reinforces the weak points in accordance with instructor’s guidance based on evaluation from every lecturer and supports every week on Friday to resume, interview practice and lead to work in the field.

In the extracurricular lesson, we will visit fashionable cafes selected for Toronto’s top ten and conduct research and conduct practical training for working at a cafe in RCIIS Café and accumulate experience value.

As part of all classes, you can learn and practice the resume and interview tips adopted at the cafe, practice and acquire confidence and experience before learning jobs by learning how to coffee and practicing, and even lecturers The advantage of the Café English course is that you can get a reference letter from it and make use of it for your job search.

· School entrance day
: Every 4 weeks (conforming to school entry day) · Guideline: TOEIC 500 or above / intermediate level
· Course length: Café English 4 weeks + practice 4 weeks

Café English Sample schedule

1st week
2nd week
3rd week
4th week
5th week
09: 00-13: 00 Power Speaking (4 weeks ~)
13: 00-14: 00 Varista practical training
15: 00-17: 00 Café English

Business Communication 


This program aimed at making career ups and job hunting activities after returning home are mostly popular. Therefore, in class, you learn how to write resume that shows your career attractive, and business negotiation preferred in North America, and practice interview. Lessons will proceed assuming that you will apply for companies that actually advertise. As well as practicing resume correction, practicing cover letter writing, interview practice is done. After practice, we receive finely and careful advice and feedback from each instructor individually, and we will support them as if they are the actual interview success.

Class content is based on discussion based on current North American business such as North American economy, advertisement, trade, marketing, sales promotion, classroom lecturers are taught by foreign students with business English I will. Reading will be homework, and in the class we will try to improve communication skills everyday.

In addition, knowledge learned in the lesson is sure to be acquired by outputting. We will make 2 presentations in 4 weeks.(Once for individuals, once for group) We will reinforce our weak points firmly by feedback from the instructor about 15 minutes per person each time.

Business lecturers of RCIIS have not only experience of English instruction for more than 10 years, but also business knowledge is very abundant. In college, I majored in business, and still I run a music company in Canada while still teaching business at our school. The reason why students can receive classes with confidence even on difficult topics is the guidance given by experienced, gentle and familiar lecturers. We will support you carefully anytime you do not understand.

· Entrance date: once a month (according to school calendar)
· Attendance : TOEIC 600 or above / intermediate level
· Course length: 4 weeks



Social Networking English (SNE)

SNS is essential in every business in modern times. In this program, you will learn expressions used on SNS, create advertisements and photos on RCIIS’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and learn by correcting lecturers and actually posting.SNS is used by most people around the world for communication, so it has the greatest effect and influence in business. In addition to expressions used on business English and SNS, this class discusses what you can do to increase your followers and learns practically how to spread information.

In addition, I will also learn about telephone correspondence and how to write e-mail appropriate for business scene so that I can work in English when I work in Canada or return home after returning home. Because there are many Japanese who feel that you are not good at telephone, practice will be repeated so that you can remove the conscious feeling mainly from telephone practice. In addition to practice practice every time, we will try to improve by making fine corrections and advice from instructors.

• We also practice videophone interviews using Skype and practice not only formal expressions but also necessary manners and small talks for interviews.

· Attendance: TOEIC 600 or above / Intermediate level or above
· Course length: 4 weeks