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ILAC (English)


 logo International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC)

920 Yonge St, 4 th Floor, Toronto
Bloor-Yonge 7 minutes on foot

Establishment 1997 Number of students 2,000 (summer)   

1,500 (winter)

Number of instructors 100 
Number of classrooms 100  Number of students per class Average 13   

Maximum 17 

 staff Yes
Nationality Ratio
Japan Korea Asia Arab Latin America Europe Other
Summer 16% 14% 7% Ten% 30% 14% 9%
Winter 11% 13% Four% 14% 34% 13% 11%
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course · Basic English (ESL) Level 1-17
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One of the most popular language schools in Canada

International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) is an international language school with students from over 75 countries.

ILAC keeps each nationality below 30% to maintain diverse learning space. A variety of programs satisfy needs of students from beginner’s to advanced level, and ILAC helps students enrich learning experience through seamless support system and extracurricular activities.

ILAC ‘s ESL program is divided into 17 levels, and we can respond to a wide range of students from beginner to advanced level. It also offers specialized programs such as University Pathway Program, IELTS and TOEFL, test preparation courses such as Cambridge, English teacher course, GAP Year program at affiliated colleges. General English program which can be chosen from two courses, Intensive English and Power English, is especially popular among working holiday students. 

In ILAC, counselors from all over the world correspond to the native languages of more than 90% of the students. Its extensive support system helps you stress-free study abroad life. Thus, ILAC is a school where beginner of English study can attend without frustration. In addition, English Only Policy at ILAC offers a leaning environment where students are encourages each other to speak and learn English both inside and outside the classroom. 

Extracurricular activities are also an substantial part of ILAC, and sports tournament and sightseeing events are organized almost every day. Take advantage of these opportunities and make multinational friends outside your classroom! 

ILAC Toronto has a total of 4 campuses in the heart of downtown. Both school buildings are close to Bloor-Yonge and Bay subway stations, so you can enjoy shopping, dining and musicals with your classmates and friends after school or on weekends.

In the school building of ILAC, facilities are enriched with space of intensive learning and relaxation. Enjoy your student life with a fancy and cozy cafeteria and lounge, as well as complimentary Wi-Fi and PC room etc.

ILAC is a school recommended for those who wish to have intensive English-leaning experience abroad, in an diverse multicultural environment.


Course list

Month Fire Water Wood Money
08: 45-11: 45 Principal Course (General English class)
11: 45-12: 15 lunch break
12: 15-13: 45 Principal Course Elective Course Principal Course Elective Course Principal Course
13: 45-14: 00 break
14: 00-15: 15 Power English Course 
* Please confirm the following table for details.
Principal Course General English Business English Cambridge English (FCE)
IELTS Preparation TOEFL Preparation Cambridge English (CAE)
Academic Pathway I Academic Pathway II Academic Pathway III
Elective Course Speaking Listening Grammar
Pronunciation Vocabulary Reading
Writing Idioms in English English through music
English through Movies English through Drama Business English
Academic Vocabulary Academic Reading FCE Exam Practice
CAE Exam Practice TOEFL Preparation IELTS Preparation
Academic Skills
Power English Course Communication Everyday English Canadian Culture
Media and Current Events Power Business Cambridge Exam Preparation
Power Academic TOEFL Preparation IELTS Preparation

※ There is no elective class in the beginner level, and only mandatory classes are offered
* Elective classes will vary according to time and English level
※ Starting time will be 30 minutes earlier in mid-June to late August.

ILAC Level Table

English bands Intro Beginner Pre- 
Intermediate High- 
Pre-Advanced Advanced High- 
English levels 1 2 3 Four Five 6 7 8 9 Ten 11 12 13 14 15 16 17


Intensive English Program (30 Lessons / 22.5 hours)The Intensive English Program consists of 30 lessons per week, 45 minutes per lesson, and course are divided by levels. Students will comprehensively learn English skills in all spheres through constant exposure to reading, writing, listening, conversation, and grammar.Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, you can choose different classes based on your interests. There are a wide variety of elective subjects including, Speaking & Listening, Reading & Writing, Pronunciation, Vocabulary & Idioms, TOEFL Preparation, Business English, Grammar, Canadian Culture, Academic Writing, Debating & Oral Presentations.





Power English Program (38 Lessons / 28.5 hours)The Power English Program is a course to held from Monday to Thursday after the Intensive English Program. This course aims to develop practical communication skills and confidence in everyday conversation.


Exam Preparation
ILAC offers TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge exam preparation courses, and you will be eligible from level 

10. The aim of the course is to gain confidence in the exam, acquire exam preparation techniques, and practice exam with the experienced exam preparation specialist.The scores of these tests can be submitted as required documents for university applications in Canada.





Business English
ILAC ‘s Business English Course is designed to acquire necessary communication skills in international business, and practical English skills that can be used in work and business. You can learn to acquire general business English for occasions such as business negotiations, networking, interviews, writing notes and letters, e-mails, reports, and making presentation materials.In addition, it is possible to take Cambridge Business English Examination Cambridge Business Exam (BEC) after the course.There are two types business courses offered at ILAC: Business English Introductory Courses for students in Level 10 – 11 and Business English Advanced Courses that can be taken from Level 12 – 17


University Pathway Program
The University Pathway Program at ILAC is an university preparation program that aims to enhance English language skills  necessary for entering universities and colleges throughout Canada and is available for students above level 10 . After completion of the program you would be able to go on to a university or college throughout Canada.In the University Pathway Program, emphasis is placed on skill development such as university-level essay writing, team buidling, critical thinking, time management, presentation, countermeasure technique, research, etc.ILAC has a partnership with more than 70 universities and colleges in Canadian, which gives you a plenty of options to choose from, upon completion of the course. In addition, a counselor for advanced studies can help you select universities and programs, application procedures, visa applications, and learning plan according to your needs.