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IBT College (English)(Done)

IBT College

4th Floor, 50 St. Clair Ave. East, Toronto, ON M4T 1 M9

Establishment 2001 Number of students 87-100  Number of instructors 5
Number of classrooms Number of students per class 5-15 Japanese staff
Nationality ratio
Japan Korea Asia Arab Latin America Europe Canada Other
summer 22% 8% 6% 0% 39% 12% 4% 10%
winter 22% 8% 6% 0% 39% 12% 4% 10%
School facilities · Kitchen · Refrigerator · Microwave · PC
course · Flight Attendant · Business · Travel · Business Management & Management · Medical Affairs
tuition fee 
Enrollment fee: $ 200
Teaching materials cost: $ 300 – 

2017 1 week 4 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks 16 weeks 20 weeks 24 weeks 32 weeks 40 weeks 50 weeks
Flight Attendant (8w) 1,895
Business Administration (25w + 25w practical training) 6,950

All notation is Canadian dollar

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Many courses to choose from 

IBT College is a vocational school where you can learn a wide variety of industrial knowledge. Located 3 minutes from St. Clair station, the campus is characterized by its proximity to various companies in downtown, midtown, North York and so on. 8-week flight attendant course and Travel & Tourism etc are popular among international students.

IBT College also has an internship coordinator and to support student with internship placement, using its own connections with companies in Toronto. You can also find your own interns while taking advantage of resume and interview support at school.

Many of the Co-op programs are long-term, and there is plenty of time to find part-time jobs and internships while in school, so you can learn English skills and expertise without worries. IBT College is also one of few school in Toronto to learn business administration.

Course list

 Flight Attendant ( 8 weeks )
This 8-week program is recommended for those who are aiming to become flight attendants in the future.

· Basic knowledge on aviation industry

· Safety awareness and measures

· Emergency response

· Aircraft and equipment

· Finding employment, Mock interview

Business Administration   (Program 25 weeks + Co-op 25 weeks)

Basics of business and the skills and knowledge required for office work.

· MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, Outlook)
· Business Process · Business Communication · Business Law · Bookkeeping Principle, Accounting · Simply Accounting (Accounting Software)

Business Management and Entrepreneurship (program 26 weeks + Co-op 26 weeks)

You will be able to acquire a broad knowledge of domestic and foreign business such as economics, marketing, accounting, financial management, commercial law and business communication.

· Microsoft Office
· Corporate Theory · Business Law · Business Management · Accounting · Economics · Marketing · Business Communication · Financial Management · Project Management

 Travel & Tourism (Program 28 weeks + Co-op 28 weeks)

This is a course designed to teach domestic and overseas airline ticket reservations using the Saber Computer Reservation system and how travel agencies work, package tours and how to organize budget for cruises, and also have a paid internship with a Canadian company.

· MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, Outlook)
· Office processing · business communication · business law · bookkeeping principle, accounting

Health Office Administrator (program 41 weeks + Co-op 41 weeks)

Recommended course for those who want to work at a medical institution in the English environment in the future. In addition to medical, business, technology and communication skills used at medical institutions, you will also be able to learn English that is required at medical scenes.

· Essential Skills
· Microsoft Windows
· Microsoft Office Applications
· Communication Essentials
· Accounting Essentials
· Anatomy & Body Systems
· Health Care Terminology
· Records Managements & Scheduling
· Health Office Transcription & Billing
· Medical Law & Ethics