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GEOS (English)


Geos · Language Plus  59 Adelaide St East, Toronto
King on foot 4 minutes416-599-2120
Establishment 1996 The number of students 120 (summer)

50 (winter)

Number of instructors
Number of classrooms 6 1 class number of people Average 10 

maximum 15 

Japanese staff
Nationality ratio
Japan Korea Asia Arab Latin America
Europe Canada Other
summer 20% 10% 15% 20% 15% 20% 0% 0%
winter 25% 5% 5% 25% 20% 20% 0% 0%
School facilities · Lounge · Kitchen · Refrigerator · Microwave · Kitchen · Vending machine · PC (4 units) · Wi-Fi
course · Basic English (ESL) Levels 1-6
· Business English · TOEFL · IELTS · EAI etc …

Learn English in an multinational environment in a small class

GEOS Language Plus is a diverse global school and with numerous campuses not only in Canada but also in Europe and united States. 

GEOS employs a homeroom teaching system, and once a month, the level of English is measured through one-on-one counseling with the teacher and is in order to identify what needs to be improved. All the staff of GEOS are TESL certified, and are known for their enthusiastic guidance according to the needs of the students. Through monthly level tests, presentations and counseling, each student’s level of proficiency is measured in detail, and support system for each student is in place.

In the GEOS Toronto school, the original teaching materials are used. Students can comprehensively learn learn various English skills in the morning, and undertake the fundamentals of English and practical English conversation training through active learning in the afternoon. Other elective courses include, TOEFL, pronunciation, and Writing, and special English courses for students who are in Canada for working holiday, and special English courses for short-term travelers. Thus, GEOS offers a wide range of courses to meet students’ needs. 

Extracurricular activities are held almost every day, and in addition to activities such as CN Tower, museums, and movie appreciation, free English classes are also offered, so you can spend fulfilling leisure time after school. Every Friday, it has camping in summer, ski and field trip in winter, study group to learn about the nature and environment of Canada, so you can learn not only English but also deepen knowledge about Canada.

GEOS Toronto is in a very convenient location in the financial district, a 1-minute walk to downtown Toronto, King’s Underground Station and a 3-minute walk to the city’s shopping mall, Eton Center .

At the GEOS Toronto school, there are classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as computer labs, libraries and cafeterias. Student lounge, kitchen etc., computer lab and free Wi-Fi are also equipped.

Sample Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09: 00-10: 30 INTEGRATED SKILLS 
Glamor, vocabulary, pronunciation, conversation
10: 30-10: 45
Conversation, Slang & Idioms, Presentation
12: 15 – 13: 00 lunch break
TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Grammar, Writing, Pronunciation



※ Class hours of ESL (Basic English course)

Featured Courses

General English – Standard (15 hours per week) / Intensive (22.5 hours per week) / Super – Intensive (28 hours per week)


General English course of GEOS is divided into 6 levels, composed of listening, conversation, reading, writing, composition of sentences, grammar, words, pronunciation etc. You will learn comprehensively in order to gain basic English skills in a daily life.

The Standard course is where students can efficiently study through 4 lessons a day, and students will have a lot of free time to do work or self-study in the morning or afternoon.

The intensive course has 2 lessons in addition to 4 lessons of the standard course,  and the aim is to improve language proficiency more effectively.

Super-Intensive course is an intensive course of 8 lessons a day and is perfect for those who wish to study full-fledged language, during their time in Canada. It is recommended course for people who want to improve their language skills in the shortest possible time.


University Preparatory Course
University Pathways 


To enroll in a four-year university you need to have graduated from a college or senior high school, or completion of bachelor’s degree is needed to aim for a master’s program. Also, for international students who are not native English speakers, it is necessary to prove their English proficiency.

GEOS supports each student to reach the English level to specified by each college and university . The time required to complete this course depends on the subject of study, but in most cases, intermediate English usually reach the language level necessary to participate in the foundation course at colleges and universities within 24 weeks.


IELTS Preparation
Classes are conducted regularly with feedback so that students can obtain targeted score in IELTS.


Private Tutoials
This is a private one-on-one lesson with a specialized teacher. Lessons are arranged according to the student’s level and request, and you can choose the number of lessons you want alongside other courses.