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Georgian College(Done)


Georgian College
1 Georgian Drive, Barrie, ON L4M 3X9
Establishment 1966 The number of students 14,500 people, international student rate about 9%
Number of courses 100
Recommended course · Business · Finance · Hospitality · Management · Tourism
· Aviation Engineering · International Insurance · Animation · Fashion · Oceanography · Automotive Engineering

Georgian College is a third largest state college in Canada, founded in 1967, with strong cooperation in the Co – op program . “To provide high-quality education in a rich natural environment” is the motto, emphasis is being placed on nurturing human resources who will become an immediate working force, and a practical curriculum and a program to reduce the work experience through Co-op programs etc. It is a point to be fulfilling.

At Georgian College, we are offering a diploma and degree acquisition program in fields such as business, computer, aviation management, engineering, automobile manufacturing and design, digital photography, interior design, jewelry and precious metals, health science, hospitality, tourism, resort management . Also, we have tie-ups with many universities, and if you get a diploma at Georgian College you can transfer to another university and obtain a degree.

Georgian College’s campus is located in Barry City (population 125,000 people), a safe and quiet city on the beautiful lakeside 100 kilometers north of Toronto, and it is possible to go to Toronto by bus in about an hour can. There are 250 computers that correspond to various languages ​​of the world in the library, and the sports center has gym, fitness center, cafe, lounge, spa as well.

More than 60% of Georgian College’s programs incorporate practical education, and if you participate in that program you can do paid practice during a long vacation between semesters. The point that we can receive practical education while attending school also works well in employment after graduation.

Course Introduction

Co-op Program to accumulate work experience before employment and make use of it for employment. The biggest feature of Georgian College is the number of Co-op Programs. Georgian College is located in the area with many Canadian big companies called Barry City, boasting the number one in Ontario’s college abundance of work experience before graduation. The employment rate of graduates is the highest level in Ontario Province (86.9% in FY 2013, 83.4% in weekly average). Georgian College’s popular course is Hospitality and Chef Training courses and an engineering course to train engineers in various fields. In the surroundings of the college, there are more convenient locations for transportation than Toronto, manufacturing factories and numerous enterprises making full use of the trimmed infrastructure, such partnership with the local companies is strong, after graduation It is a recommended college for those thinking about getting a job. Most Co – op programs will be paid and free career support by college career consultants will be available.

Example of a two-year Co-op program


2015 / 9-2015 / 12 2016 / 1-2016 / 4 2016 / 5-2016 / 8 2016 / 9-2016 / 12 2017 / 1-2017 / 4 2017 / 5-2017 / 8
Semester 1 Semester 2 Work Term 1 Semester 3 Work Term 2 Semester 4

Learning within a year Business Foundations This program is completed at one of the shortest programs at Georgian College, one semester (14 weeks = about 4 months ) . Especially for customers wishing to study abroad for a fixed period such as a year after leaving the university

For example, First EAP ( English courses ) to start from, at the end of the semesterBusiness Foundations enrolled in , it will be able to graduate to complete the program within one year.

Entrance is only once in September. EAP if to start from the Business Foundations from May prior to admission to the EAP 1 semester the (about 4 months) , still, or from January EAP a 2 semester ( about 8 months ) is to take an image.In order to takeEAP for only one semester and enroll in Business FoundationsIt is necessary to enterEAP ‘s highest level 4 , but the level 4 admission standards are about 650 TOEICstandards.

Learning Oceanography Great Lakes International Marine Training Center Georgian College is known as one of the best Colleges in Oceanography in Canada. The recently renovated Great Lakes International Ocean Training Center has reached 20,000 square meters and is used as the latest Canadian Government’s Ocean Training Center and not only fosters oceanographic experts, it also offers cutting-edge marine engineering research I am performing. Although it is a high level of hurdle, graduates are popular courses because they can earn income of more than $ 60,000 per year on average.Employment in the automotive industry Mechanical Engineering Technology – Automotive Product Design / Bachelor of Business Automotive Management, etc. In Ontario, five of the world’s top automobile manufacturers are in operation and more than 350 parts manufacturing companies are also in operation. Georgian College’s Department of Automotive Systems is one of the outstanding faculties in Canada that competes for one or two. After graduation, there are many people who get employed in the car industry, and it is a popular program.

Course list
Addictions: Treatment and Prevention – ADTP 
Administration des affaires marketing automobile (Bilingual) – AUTF
Advanced Care Paramedic – PARM
Advertising – ADVE
Architectural Technician – ARTC 
Architectural Technology
– ARAD Art & Design Fundamentals – AADF
Aviation Management – AVIA
Bachelor of Arts (Laurentian) General (3 yr) – BAGE
Bachelor of Arts (Laurentian) Honors (4 yr) – BAHS
Bachelor of Business – Golf Management – BBGM
Bachelor of Business Administration – BBAD
Bachelor of Business Automotive Management – BBAM
Bachelor of Human Services – Police Studies – POLC
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) Collaborative program – BSCN
Bachelor of Social Work – BSWR
Bookkeeping – BOKP
Business (Co – op) – BUSG
Business (non co – op) – BUSN
Business – Accounting – BACT
Business – Accounting (non co – op) – BACN
Business – Golf Facilities Operation Management – GLFO
Business – Marketing – BMKT
Business – Marketing (non co – op) – BMKN
Business Admin – Automotive Marketing (English) – AUTO
Business Administration – BADM
Business Administration – Accounting – BAAC
Business Administration – Human Resources – BAHR
Business Administration – Marketing – BAMK
Business Foundations – BUSF
Cabinetmaking Techniques – CABT
Carpentry Techniques – CART
Child and Youth Worker – CYWK
Civil Engineering Technician – Construction – CVTN
Civil Engineering Technology – CVTY
Communicative Disorders Assistant –
Computer Program
and Network Systems Security – CNS Computer Programmer – COPR Computer Programmer Analyst – COPA
Computer Systems Technician – Networking – CSTN
Culinary Management – CULN
Culinary Skills – Chef Training – CULS
Dental Assisting – DNAS
Dental Hygiene – DNHY
Design & Visual Arts – General – DVAG
Developmental Services Worker – DSWR
Digital Photography & Imaging – DPAI
Early Childhood Education – ECED
Electrical Engineering – Automated Systems – EETA
Electrical Engineering Technician * Fall 2011 * (formerly Power – ETNP) – EETN
Electrical Engineering Technician – Power – ETNP
Electrical Engineering Technology * Fall 2011 * (formerly Automated Systems – EETA) – EETY
Environmental Technician – ENTN
Environmental Techniques – ENVT
Environmental Technology – ENVR
Esthetician * New for Fall 2011 * – ESTH
Fine Arts – FIAR
Fine Arts Advanced – FIAA
Fundraising and Resource Development – FUND
Gas Technician – GAST 
General Arts And Science – GAAS
General Arts And Science – 1 Year – GASC
Goldsmithing And Silversmithing – GLDS
Graphic Design 3 Yr – GRDE
Graphic Design Production – GRDP 
Heating, Refrigeration, Ando Air Conditioning Technician – the HRAC
Hospitality Administration – Hotel Ando Resort – HADM
Hospitality Management – Hotel & Resort – HMGT
Human Resource Management – HRMN
Interior Decorating – INDC
Interior Design 2 yr – INDE
Interior Design 3 yr – IDES
International Business Management – BINT
Jewelery & Metals – JMET
Law & Security Administration – LASA
Law Clerk – LCLR
Marine Engineering Technology – (Co – op) – MTCY
Marine Technology – Navigation (Co – op) – MASV
Massage Therapy
Fast Track – MASF
Mechanical Engineering Technology – Automotive Manufacturing – META
Mechanical Engineering Technology – Automotive Product Design – MTAP
Mechanical Technician – Tool & Die Fast Track – TDFS
Mechanical Technician – Precision Skills – MTPS
Mechanical Techniques – CNC – MTCN
Mechanical Techniques – Marine Engine Mechanic – MTME
Mechanical Techniques – Small Engine Mechanic – MTSE
Native Education – Community & Social Development – NATV
Office Administration – Executive – OFAE
Office Administration – General – OFAG
Office Administration – Legal – OFAL
Office Administration – Medical – OFAM
Opticianry – OPTI
Paramedic – PARA
Personal Support Worker – PSWR
Police Foundations – PFPR
Police Studies Qualifying Bridge – POBR
Power Engineering Technician (Co – op) – PETN
Power Engineering Technology (Co – op) – PETY
Practical Nursing –
SRFN Snow Resort Fundamentals – SRFN Snow Resort Operations –  RPN – BScN Shki – Miikan – SHKI Snow Resort Operations – PNRS Pre Health Sciences – PRHS
Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training –
Research Analyst –
RAPS RPN to  BScN Degree completion with UOIT – SROPSocial Service Worker – SSWK

Technology Foundations – TECF
Therapeutic Recreation – TREC
Tourism and Travel – TRVL
Tourism Management – TOUR
Veterinary Technician – VETC
Web Animation and Design – WBAN
Welding Techniques – WETC
Points of school!

Enthusiastic support for foreign students Learning Centers Georgian College offers a wide range of support services between students, including writing on a report (Write On!), Computer / math help (Computer Help, Math Help), etc. There is a tutor service where Canadian students can ask questions free of charge. It is a great help for foreign students to be able to check English before submission of issues. Another feature is that there is a mentor service that allows Canadian students to consult on school curriculums and consult on student life. Student council support Enhanced student ‘Administrative Council (SAC) Georgian College has a community of student student councils firmly organized, as well as activities organized by the International Center, Orientation planned by the student council (SAC) of the entire college , Activities such as weekends, events such as live and concerts, sports events and club activities. At Georgian College, active support for international students including language students is enriched, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy campus life in Canada.