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40 Reasons Why You should study in Toronto !(Done)

Reason 1:

The fastest growing cities in North America have grown from 13 skyscrapers to 44 in the past 9 years. 

pic 1

Reason 2:

Toronto last year surpassed Chicago, USA, becoming the fourth largest city in North America, Toronto population 5,583,064 (2011)

pic 2

Reason 3:

The most culturally diverse cities in the world, and almost half of the city’s residents are immigrants from all over the world who are not born in Canada.

pic 3

Reason 4:

Toronto can make the old factory area a very stylish model.

pic 4

Reason 5:

Toronto even made the sewage treatment building so domineering.

pic 5

Reason 6:

Toronto is very clean and really very clean. Look at the bins and those clear categories to know how clean it is!

pic 6

Reason 7:

Security, very, very secure, but probably too safe. The Toronto police defended the G20 during the 2010 summit.

pic 7

Reason 8:

The Toronto rapper is very polite and hygienic… Like Drake, but our Mayor is drugged…

pic 8

Reason 9:

Street food stalls in Toronto are still very good.

pic 9

Reason 10:

The people of the whole city love wine, and there are many very good wines.

pic 10

Reason 11:

St. Lawrence Market is the best vegetable market and market in the world.

pic 11

Reason 12: 

Canada’s Pea Peameal Sandwich is very tasty!

pic 12

Reason 13:

All people eat food! Brunch is the most admired thing on weekends besides religious services.

pic 13

Reason 14:

Toronto’s poutine is definitely better than the birthplace of Montreal!

pic 14

Reason 15:

Toronto loves food, and the cost and standard of eating is more than any other city on the planet. The picture shows the food of Bar Isabel.

pic 15

Reason 16:

The number of quality coffee shops far exceeds that of the Starbucks chain, which shows our taste.The picture shows Te Aro coffeeshop.

pic 16

Reason 17:

Toronto is very tolerant, very avant-garde and stylish.

pic 17

Reason 18:

Toronto’s hometown bank is very strong and never fails.

pic 18

Reason 19:

Even community welfare houses are so big!

pic 19

Reason 20:

In Canada, Torontoers have been so crazy at the lakeside beach for a weekend. The picture shows a weekend dusk at Cherry Beach.

pic 20

Reason 21:

Canada will become very cold, but people do not mind, in the winter they still play very High.

pic 21

Reason 22:

A small island within the city of Toronto can be reached by a few minutes by boat.

pic 22

Reason 23:

Kensington Market is great! On Sunday’s pedestrians’ festival, everyone went to the streets together.

pic 23

Reason 24:

No matter who you are, there is always a block for you!

pic 24

Reason 25:

Toronto can put the entire Asia in a Mall.

pic 25

Reason 26:

Toronto has at least 6 Chinatowns.

pic 26

Reason 27:

So really great! Because everyone loves Chinese food, crazy for dumplings!

pic 27

Reason 28:

The Caribbean Festival is the most colourful and crazy street revelry on Toronto’s summer street.

pic 28

Reason 29:

The city actually has a museum dedicated to show shoes – Bata Shoe Museum!

pic 29

Reason 30:

In Toronto, even wild animals must be dressed like a model! Remember, it is famous IKEA monkey.

pic 30

Reason 31:

However, some wild animals are not polite and will brutally “help” check whether the waste is decent.

pic 31

Reason 32:

The old-fashioned streets of Toronto are far more savory, and there are still street cars.

pic 32

Reason 33:

The streets of Toronto were often dressed up in New York while filming.

pic 33

Reason 34:

Another city under the city center!

pic 34

Reason 35:

(There are some) Toronto people always admit their fault (only admit one thing is wrong).

pic 35

Reason 36:

But the wine zone is just a short walk away.

Reason 37:

People here love the holiday homes. On weekends, many families love to go to vacation homes in the north to get away from it.

Reason 38:

People here love the holiday homes. On weekends, many families love to go to vacation homes in the north to get away from it.

Reason 39:

There is the largest waterfall in the world.

pic 38

Reason 40:

Even Jane Jacobs knows how good Toronto is.

pic 39