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Did you decide to go to study in Toronto, study for a job, or work for a vacation?

18 things must be completed as an international student!

Allows you to fully transform into a genuine Torontoian!

1. Enjoy The Beautiful Skyline of Toronto Downtown

Toronto is the best place to capture the perfect panoramic view!

2. Support Toronto’s Local Sports Team, Especially Hockey

When you come to Canada, you absolutely need to experience the Canadian crazy about hockey! Usually the student ticket will have a discount or even a free one. Different Canadians have an inexplicable love for their city’s hockey team to experience the Canadians’ influence on these teams. Enthusiasm! Toronto’s city team is Maple Leaf! Everyone enthusiastically supports ~

3. Absolutely Try “Poutine” Which Is Only Available in Canada.

Perhaps “Poutine” does not seem to be the most delicious food ~ but his taste is absolutely superb! “Poutine” can be called “Pudding” is a “quench of French fries” Quebec snacks. “Pudding There are dozens of ways to eat, all kinds of ingredients let you mix ~ pork, chicken, peas, bacon and other ingredients you add. Even McDonald’s has to sell ~

4. Experience the real snowflake and ski in the snow

People who have just arrived in Toronto may be surprised because Toronto can be six months long in winter! It will often reach minus 30 degrees. ><! Sometimes the snow will not melt until June! Remember to see what a real snowflake looks like! Also remember to try skiing or snowboarding ~ Blue Mountain near Toronto is the most popular skiing site!

5. Participate in Large-Scale Sports Activities!

There are many famous sports teams in Toronto! There are also many famous American MLB & NBA teams who will come to Toronto for the Toronto Raptors like the Blue Jays and basketball. It is a rare opportunity to watch live games!

6. Visit Toronto Island

Dear friends can do Ferry to visit the island of Toronto, and the return ticket is only $8 CAD! The beautiful environment of Toronto Island, the building is also a European style town, do not have a flavor! There is also a small farm on the island that can interact with cute animals!

7. Meet Many International Students and Make Friends!

Canada’s annual international student population will exceed 300,000! In 2010, there were at least 100,000 international students in Ontario alone! People who have just arrived in Toronto talk with other international students! This is also the best way to make your English grow quickly. The school will also arrange social activities. Everyone must participate enthusiastically!

8. Go to LCBO to Buy Alcohol~ (Do Not Drink Too Much Alcohol!)

Did you know that only LCBO chains can buy wine in Ontario? ? And LCBO is the direct government of the Ontario government! Unlike Taiwan, the wine can be bought in 7-11 24 hours, and LCBO is 10 minutes old! So, everyone who wants to party up must remember to prepare the wine before 10 o’clock!


9. Absolutely going to Canada’s unique Timmy’s

Tim Hortons is commonly called “Timmy’s” in Canada and can be called Canada’s Starbucks! And all food and beverages are cheaper than Starbucks! Economic and affordable delicious food! Their coffee, doughnuts, and sandwiches must be eaten and looked at – there is a certain point that is “Tim Bites”! “TimBits” is a modified donut! You can see “Timmy’s” in any corner of Toronto!

10. Visit Niagara Falls!

Just an hour’s drive from Toronto, the Megabus can be reached easily and cheaply! Everyone can enjoy the magnificent natural scenery, and you can also take a boat ride near the waterfalls! And do you know? Canada’s Nicaragua Falls on this side of the world are recognized as more beautiful than waterfalls in the United States!

11. Look From the Top of CN Tower, The Highest in Canada!

Want to see the beauty of downtown Toronto across the vertices of the CN Tower! ? The CN Tower Edge Walk is the most exciting activity for you! People who have fear of heights stand in and look inside – Edge Walk’s full range of trips will also help you film commemorative videos and photos!

12. Use Public Transport in Toronto

Is there any knowledge and long history of transportation in Toronto? The Toronto Metro opened to traffic in 1796! Although Streetcar was refurbished this year, at least it was also starting to open in 1861! Many Toronto buses are hybrids! Can save energy and protect the environment!

13. Leaving Toronto ~ Travel

If you have decided to go to distant Toronto in Tashan, you may as well go further afield! Everybody can go to other cities in Canada by bus, train, or plane! You can also go to the United States to explore! This is a rare opportunity in life

14. Go to Toronto’s Nightclub!

Come to Toronto to experience a colorful nightlife! Especially in Pride Week~ every year, many nightclubs will be filled with LGBT Spirit! Everyone must come to feel the madness of Toronto! *Remember to give Bartender a tip!

15. Remember to go to class!

If you are attending a university or college at the University of Toronto, don’t be surprised if you have classes at 9:00 PM – classes at 9 PM do not mean you are at night! This is Canada’s university/college characteristics – most of Toronto’s courses are also long! So don’t be lazy, remember to go to class!

16. Participate in the Toronto Exhibition!

There are many interesting exhibitions in Toronto! There will be different fairs every month! You can search for different fairs to add things in a fun way!

17. Celebrate Many Things with New Friends You Know

In fact, all international students are on the same boat! Everyone is away from home alone to come to Canada!Remember to be considerate to people around you! Celebrate your birthday or go to the festival together!

18. Finally, Have Fun

Maybe your ultimate goal is to come to Canada to study hard, but never forget to experience the urban life of Toronto!