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17 Proofs That Toronto Is The Most Underrated City!(Done)

Do you want to come to work in Toronto to study and work holiday? Then you must first understand 

17 proofs that Toronto is the most underrated city!

Fact 1: Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world

fact 1


Over 30% of residents in Toronto speak English or French. A total of more than 140 languages ​​or dialects are used!

Fact 2: Toronto people accept immigration generously!Many of these residents are also non-Canada born!

CEC experience immigration field

Almost half of Toronto residents (about 1,237,720 people) are not born in Canada! The mother tongue of most immigrants is Tagalog (mainly used in the Philippines), Chinese, Italian, Punjabi (in Indian), and Portuguese!

Fact 3: Because of multiculturalism, Toronto has exquisite traditional cuisine from all over the world.

Fact 4: Toronto’s Metro System TTC is the simplest, clear system

Take you from the most crowded city centre to the remote Scarborough area to the north

Fact 5: Toronto’s Pride Week is the World’s Largest Gay and LGBT Festival

fact 5


Fact 6: Toronto is the origin of Caribana Festival!

This is a celebration of Caribbean culture and tradition. It is also the largest street festival in North America!

fact 6

Fact 7: Toronto was ranked as the second most competitive international city for corporate competition!fact 7

Fact 8: Toronto is also one of the largest cultural and arts centers in the world

fact 8

Toronto has more than 200 historic relics and public art, more than 70 film festivals, and several famous ballet and opera companies

Fact 9: Do you like ice skating? Toronto has a total of 52 beautiful and functional public skating rinks that you can use for free in winter!

fact 9

Fact 10: Toronto is a big city that can be compared with New York, “but more clean and friendly!”

fact 10

Fact 11: Toronto is home to many celebrities, talented and attractive!

fact 11fact 11 a

Like Jim Carrey, Drake, Allison Pill, Mike Myers, etc!

Fact 12: Toronto is full of live music and has more than 3 bar areas and nightclubs.

fact 12

Fact 13: Toronto is the pioneer of environmental protection.
 In the urban area is full of many large parks and environmental protection areas

fact 13fact 13bfact 13c

Students in Toronto Learning Environment Natural Science are blessed! There are many natural ecological protection areas that allow students to use it more closely to nature! At the same time, Toronto also has specialized environmental protection agencies to confirm the operation of the park, cleanliness, and natural ecology.

Fact 14: Toronto has the most university graduates compared to other cities

fact 14

Fact 15: The criminal power in Toronto is decreasing every year!

fact 15

In 1972, the crime rate in Toronto reached a record low in 2012!

Fact 16: Toronto continues to be listed as “Best Place to Live” in recent years (Best Place to Live)


fact 16